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Kim’s New Workout Plan

December 3, 2009

So I might not be Kayne West, but after a long break I feel that it’s time to wip my butt back into shape. Sure, after a marathon it’s always normal to take a little break from working out. I was burnt out, my body body is broken down and truth be told, I desperately wanted to be able to engage in all those social activities I shelved during the four months of marathon training. This year was no exception. After a painful marathon filled with breathing issues and a nagging knee injury, I was more than happy to hang up my shoes for a few weeks. During that time I spent time on the elliptical, doing crunches and stretching, going to yoga classes and dabbling in some light weight training. Granted, if a social engagement or a TV show that piqued my interest came up, I would forgo the gym in favor of relaxation. I gave my body time to recover and now the itch has returned. Now I’m relaxed, focused and ready to get back into total body shape, not just running. In order to really hold myself to training, I’m publishing my “New Workout Plan”

Looking ahead to Chicago 2010, I’m focusing on the following:
1. Core Strength:I had a swim coach in high school that used to drill the importance of core strength into our heads on a daily basis. She used to tell us that literally every movement we made in the water could be improved if we strengthened our core. I do have to agree, but it’s not strictly limited to superficial ab muscles, but rather stabilizer muscles.
My Solution: Attending a weekly bootcamp class at my gym which consists of circuit training in the following areas, jumping rope, squats, lunges, abs, balance exercises. I’m also going to regularly work on lifting weights and try muscle conditioning classes.

2. Stretching: This is probably my greatest regret going into MCM 2009, not stretching enough and skipping my weekly yoga routine. When I was training for the NYC marathon making the decision to attend one yoga class a week was the best training decision I have ever made. It provided me with great stretching and strengthening routine I couldn’t do by utilizing any other type of activity. I also loved how it toned my body better than swimming, running or any other type of cardio could do for me
My Solution: Attending at least one yoga class a week, if not two as well as trying my hand at Pilates.

3. SPEED: Another frustrating aspect of morphing into a marathoner is the loss of your speed. Granted, I have never possessed fast twitch muscles, but I used to be able to grunt through a 50 free style and multiple 5K’s in a respectable time. I’m going to look back to my old “grunt my way through” attitude and hope that it helps me start quickly and finish strong.
Solution: At least One Speed work out a week, as well as at least one shorter “Pace” run.

So as it stands Here’s my schedule:

Monday: 3-5 mile pace run, crunch series, as well as at least 5 different weight machines/free weights
Tuesday: Bootcamp class over lunch and after work “in office” yoga
Wednesday: Slower run (recovery from all those quats) plus Crunch series, and Weight lifting
Thursday: Muscle Conditioning and a speed work run
Friday: Off
Saturday: Longer run outside, possibly weight lifting
Sunday: Yoga or an off day

I know it seems ambitious, but I think I need to do this to myself to readjust, refocus and get back in the game, LITERALLY!

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  1. December 4, 2009 5:18 am

    Hey it defintily is ambitious, but think positive! Even you you manage to add one new thing t oyour work out plan it is a success.

    I was thinking of trying yoga myself but I have to work up the courage to go it alone

  2. December 4, 2009 8:40 am

    You really should try it, it really helps prevent injuries as well as strengthen your core. I would try a beginner class and talk to the teacher beforehand, explain that you’re an avid runner but have never tried yoga before. Let me know how it goes!!!

  3. December 11, 2009 9:54 am

    love the plan Kimmy. And we’ll do it together (even though I think you should run NYC 2010 with me instead…)

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