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Yoga in the office:I could get used to this!

March 30, 2009

To follow up after the last post, I have been to yoga three times in my office and the verdict is in, I think I can get used to this! Surely the act of yoga will never be in its purest form when you can hear an elevator ding, or the rumblings of a business conversation; but there is something to be said for escaping all of that to engage in the act of yoga.
Most of all, I enjoyed the fact that the yoga teacher: she was clear in her direction, helpful and very well versed in the yoga practice. She established a non-threatening environment perfect for first time yoga students to highly skilled yogini’s.

I also really enjoyed the room where we partook in our practice, a sunny conference room over looking the hustle and bustle of Boston. It was a perfect view and contrast to the relaxing state we were pushing our bodies to.

In closing, I’m so happy my office is now offering yoga. It is not only cost effective, but a very efficient way to engage in the practice of yoga on a very tight and busy schedule. It will never be the same as when I go to the yoga studio, but considering how I have to pry myself out of the office every night, it is the perfect diversion from the hum of the computer screen, harsh office lighting and the dig of the elevator, well almost.

Until next time-Namaste.

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